Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Weekend Dinner Ideas!

Picture courtesy of Simply Recipes

I was posting on the Serious Eats blog, looking for suggestions for a romantic weekend meal, when one user kindly pointed me over to the Simply Recipes blog. The link was to a recipe for pork chops with a dijon sauce. I just think it looks fantastic, simple and delicious. Not to mention that it's actually not horrible for you either! Generally when I want to make a special weekend meal, I like it to be an event. This typically means I'm slaving over the stove for a while, sweating, nowhere near attractive enough for a 'romantic night.' Let the record show, though, my husband would never agree with this statement. He knows better!

So, finding a quick, simple recipe like this really excited me. It's fancy enough to *look* like I put a lot of effort and time into it. But easy enough that just maybe I'll have time enough to slip into something nice, and just maybe I will have a moment to reapply makeup and look smashing, dahhhling. A fresh looking cook is always best!

I think this will be my venture for this weekend. A pairing with Parmesan dusted asparagus spears and roasted potatoes sounds heavenly. Maybe a side salad, or add some greens to some of the drippings. Suggestions? Mmm I'm hungry just thinking about it!

Of course, after saying that, I stumble across another recipe on SR; Pork chops with a mushroom bourbon cream sauce. Just keep on tempting me. I think the lighter mustard sauce still has it beat out though. Oh well. Bookmark for another time!

Until next time!

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