Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Tuesday

Sorry there were no posts this weekend. It's been a busy few days here, but I can promise a few pictures and recipes to come this week from this past weekend. My most favorite being the champagne layer cake that I made! Being a lazy bum last night, I forgot to upload the pictures so I could make the post today, but when I get home, I will be sure to upload.  There's a mediocre picture I shot of the cake in the kitchen. I was so tired after making it, I didn't put in the time to get good pics :(  But for a great picture (and the recipe!) check out  Darjeeling Dreams. She makes the most mouthwatering sweets ever. I saw her recipe for the cake here, and I knew I had to try it. The only way to describe this cake is this: whenever there are baked goods in our home, generally they last a week and then we throw some out. There is one BIG piece, or two little ones, left. It was made Friday night. We didn't even have a piece until Saturday morning. That is just how good it is. It is by far the best from-scratch cake I have ever made. I have to attribute that to the perfect batter recipe for the cakes. It was a much more unique recipe than your traditional yellow cake. 1/4 cup of champagne, a cup of buttermilk, no oil or shortening, just egg whites - no yolk. Not that this isn't standard for some recipes, but the typical cake I make is a box that says Betty Crocker. If you're lucky, I'll make the most standard of from-scratch cakes. When she posted the recipe, it looked like a dressed up cake that wouldn't be completely impossible to make. And boy, the recipe is 100% dead on. I've added it to my list of go-to cakes to make. The frosting/whipped topping is delicious and airy and can be changed to incorporate whatever flavor profile you're going for. You could add honey or vanilla, like she suggests, or whatever extract you like. You can change the filling inside (she uses blackberry preserves). But no matter what you do, this cake will turn out perfect, and it's sure to make everyone who tries a piece think "Wow!" I wish I had an event coming up that I could bring this to, it's that good. I was just happy to share some with my mother and grandmother-in-law.

Eat Well,

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