About Me

My husband and I with our Guinness at the Gravity Bar in Ireland

Hi! I'm Melissa! I live in a small apartment with my husband (see above!) and my kitty. I started this blog to challenge myself.  My husband and I have been living together for over four years now, and I have gotten myself into a rut. I so often cook the same 4 or 5 meals per week, and if I have to have another week where I make burgers, burritos and lightly seasoned chicken breast, I might scream. So I've made this blog to push myself to try at least one new recipe per week. Hopefully I'll make way more than that! It's so easy to find yourself eating the same thing every week. With so many amazing food sites on the internet, I think it's impossible to not find at least ONE recipe that I would like to make. 

I hope to share these trials and tribulations with whomever wants to read. I'm sure there will be many successful dishes, and I'm sure the occasional, "oh NO, how did that happen?! It's time for takeout." will make an appearance as well. If anything, I just want to have this as an outlet for me to write down some of my favorite new recipes.

Hopefully you'll join me on my way and suggest your favorite recipes. And hopefully I'll be able to give you one or two for your own collection, because that's what the love of food is all about.

Eat Well!