Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Bad News :(

Ugh, this couldn't come at a worse time. This weekend, the husband and I decided to play some games together on our respective computers (we have two, and they're right next to each other, monitors facing the opposite ways. Cute. In a nerdy, absurd way.). Things were going swimmingly until I started getting a keyboard malfunction. So I restarted my pc, it froze, restarted again, doesn't turn on :(. Long story short, after panicking, taking apart my computer, checking everything, and calling friends, the consensus is that my motherboard is dead. I love when things of this nature occur right around Christmas. It's the perfect time. Money's tight, things have to be saved for, etc. Needless to say, I won't be posting many pictures. I can't  transfer pictures from my camera to my work pc, and my husband's has so little memory available left that I'm not sure I can even install any of my photo editing software. However, I am going to give it a shot. I can guarantee that my updates (or at least my photos) will be more sparse, because of this. But our tax returns will be here hopefully by early February (possibly earlier if we decide to go to H and R block and get the money on the spot. I have no idea what that costs, though.), and then we are each building new PCs. I would just replace the motherboard, but my computer is so old, and I can replace it for a newer, more reliable pc for roughly 200-300 more than it would cost to inspect the computer and then replace the motherboard.

The good news is that my hard drive should be fine, and I should be able to transfer all my programs and stuff directly on, so hopefully when I get the machine, I won't have to dilly dally around. But I do apologize for this, because I truly want to be able to share the photos and stuff that I take. It's devastating to me that I almost lost everything I've ever had on there. I was looking at external hard drives online on black Friday, and I found none that were worth the price. But looking back on things, I'm so lucky my hard drive should be safe and sound. Wedding pictures, pictures from when I was little, graduation, programs and games, ugh. So many things. Guess the lesson here is that you can never be too careful.

I have a few recipes to share (we made the mozzarella in carrozza last night!!! Goodness it is delicious), and some photos, but I'll have to see if I can transfer the pictures to the hubbys computer tonight or tomorrow. If not, I'll just share the recipe and update the pictures as soon as I can.

Sorry for the inconvenience :(

Eat Well!


  1. Oh no! Hope you get everything sorted out easily and quickly. x

  2. Awww, that is terrible. I hope your computer can make a recovery, or the situation is otherwise satisfactorily remedied.

  3. Happy new year! Hope you've been well and look forward to you posting again. Best wishes for 2011! x