Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Swing and a Miss!

 And no, I'm not talking about baseball. Goodness I just can't get into that sport!

So last evening I decided to 'throw together' the pork chop recipe I was going to try back for date night. The recipe is so simple, I figured it'd be done in twenty minutes, be a recipe I hadn't tried, AND be cinch. Oh my my. Where did I go wrong? Oh, I know. Somewhere between "talking on the phone to your mother" and "paying no attention". Yep. Right about there. It started off fantastically! I prepped my shallots and garlic, had everything on the counter, had my wine measured, you name it, I got it (Jurassic Park, anyone?). THEN my mother calls. Yep, I can blame her. Ok maybe I can't. But it'll make me feel better, and that's what moms are for, right? She can take the blame. You see, I didn't use thick cut pork chops. I saw butterflied chops at the store, and I had to have them. I'm not exactly sure what my obsession with butterflied meat is, but it's a pretty strong one. It always cooks faster! Yep, that's it. It cooks faster. Something I completely neglected to remember while I was chatting away with my mother, nodding at my husband (I had no idea what he was trying to say to me, but I gave the appearance of agreeing with him. I do hope he was asking me a question), stirring the sauce, and thinking that I should wash our bedsheets. The result was relatively dry pork chops. In good news though, the sauce was absolutely to die for. I poured it all over my mashed potatoes. At least some part of dinner was salvageable!

I was too busy ignoring my pork, you think I got a picture?

I told you when I started this that there would be failures! Here is failure numero uno. Only about 999 to go :)

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