Thursday, October 21, 2010

Best Cup Ever!

This morning I had some "Christmas Eve" tea from Stash. Before you say anything, I'd like to avidly deny getting too far ahead with my seasons. I am not obsessed with Christmas, I am not obsessed with Christmas, I am not obsessed with Christmas. There. I told you.

I more or less made this post to show off my delightful cup. I love it. I look completely trendy, but I don't care. That's gotta be my most prized coffee cup. The husband got it for me last year for Christmas, and it's still my favorite. The cup never feels terribly hot, it's got a CANDY CANE STRIPED STRAW, and it's clear, so you get to see how pretty your tea looks. Or soda, beer, cocktail, 12 shots of rum, what have you. I tend to stick to tea and hot chocolate in it, though :).

See!! Candy cane striped!
Speaking of hot chocolate, I tend to drink the powdered swiss miss stuff, because it's not awful for you. A lot better for you than actually melting baking chocolate, anyway. But anyway, this weekend we bought their 25 calorie packets. They are completely terrible, and I wouldn't recommend them to anyway. I used to packets in that cup up there. I typically use two of any kind of hot chocolate, and it never tastes watery. But that hot chocolate tastes like 85% water, 15% chocolate garbage. :( Saddening, because that would've been a nice treat to not feel guilty about. Oh well. I'll stick to my 200 calorie cups of hot chocolate. At least it's uber tasty :)

Drink Well!

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