Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So, I know how "Julie and Julia" this blog already sounds. But hopefully, if you love food, you won't mind too much. I'm not cooking through any cookbook from front to start (I don't have the money, nor the patience!). Hopefully I'll just intertwine my life and my passion for food, and you'll be happy to follow along on my journey.

So, lets start of with a nice, cupcake filled, handshake. That was messy, but it's nice to meet you. I'm Melissa! Chances are, if you're reading this, you already knew that. But on the off-chance that I've actually gotten a visitor that I don't know, glad you have a nice, frosting-y hand!

I live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with my husband (Brandon) and my cat (Zima, affectionately referred to as Weem). We live in a tiny apartment, with a tiny kitchen. It's even one of those horrid galley style kitchens. But I make do just fine, thank goodness!

The purpose of starting this is to basically force myself to try new recipes, find new inspiration, and to share my entire journey. There are so many renown food blogs, and so many talented people all over the internet. Just looking at some of the photos that some bloggers take is enough to make my mouth water. I can't promise you professional quality pictures, or even recipes that you'll want to make again. But maybe I'll take the occasional good snap shot, and perhaps you'll just love my mom's Sunday Gravy (aka red pasta sauce to those of you that aren't from Jersey and don't come from an Italian-American background) enough to make it weekly! I won't even tell on you if you make it any other day of the week.

So on tonight's menu is something I'm just going to be winging. Last Thursday, the husband and I ventured to Williams Sonoma. Let me stop right there. To those of you who can afford to shop at WS on a constant basis, I am jealous. As I've mentioned already, I live in a tiny apartment. I cannot afford to buy all of my cookware, knives, etc from there. Boo to me. But we do go there frequently for me to salivate at all of the high end (read: priced) items that someday might be mine. ANYWAY, We went for a stop at WS. If you hadn't heard, WS has released their own spice line. When I first found out about it, I imagined the prices would be at least $10 per spice. And I thought I was being generous. I quickly found out that they were remarkably reasonably priced! They range from $5.95-$7.95 per spice (and in store you get a free spice caddy if you buy six spices). I probably put on my puppy dog eyes, because Brandon quickly said to just buy six, and we would save the $18 dollars getting the spice rack for free. Wall mountable! I was so excited. I wanted to buy spices I don't have on my typical spice rack. So I chose the following: Harissa, Tandoori Spice, Extra Fine French Grey Sea Salt, Zahtar, Nutmeg (the whole nutmeg, not ground), and Ancho Chili Powder. I was so stoked. I went home, took everything out, tasted all of them, and started reading some recipes for my new spices. The next day my mother stopped by, and because she is just so fabulous, she brought me 6 new spices! I couldn't have been more stoked. She provided me with: Crushed Chipotle Chili, Chinese Five Spice, Cloves, Turmeric, Star Anise, and Vadouvan. Hello, spice heaven. Needless to say, I was spoiled this weekend.

Anyway, that all leads me to this evening. I love Indian food, but I've never really made it. And quite honestly, I haven't experienced that much of it. I got several spice blends that will be perfect for Indian cooking. The Vadouvan and the Tandoori spice blends are what really got me intrigued in trying something different tonight. We shall see how it goes. I plan on getting Greek yogurt, mixing in the spices, maybe a little lemon juice and coating chunked chicken. Then grilling it on my grill pan. The idea of mixing tomatoes and cream and doing a bit more of a chicken tikka masala has crossed my mind, but I think I just want to taste the grilled chicken. You never know though. I'm going to the store, so that very well could mean I might grab some!

On the side I just plan on coating some cubed, oiled potatoes with the harissa and a hint of the vadouvan.

Hopefully everything turns out delightful! Wouldn't want my husband to starve!

Will post end results, with hopefully a tasty looking picture, tomorrow or tonight!

Eat well,

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  1. You are the best cook I've ever known, and I can't wait to experience all of this FIRST HAND! :D <3

    - The Shwable