Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Photography Bliss

I know this is a food blog, but I have to say how much I love my new camera. I am in no way a great photographer. And I'm certainly no professional editor. However, jumping from my point and shoot to my DSLR has really got me into learning as much as I can about this fantastic hobby.

In high school, I took photography. I just messed around with it, and did the whole pinhole camera/black and white photography thing. It was a small class offered, and I really enjoyed it. When I got out of school, I sort of dropped the hobby because I started working full time and didn't have much money (what a shocker!). My then-boyfriend, now husband, and I got an apartment shortly after, and we still weren't exactly rolling in dough. I got my good point and shoot in 2008, and it started me getting back into photoshopping and editing. It wasn't until we got our engagement shots done (summer 09) that I really got hardcore back into it. There was something about seeing professional pictures of US that really just sparked my interest. It's sort of funny, since I tend to prefer to photograph nature and still life, not portraits (portraits of my cat don't count!). Anyway, I just want to post a few of my favorite photos and show why I love my new baby. Some are serious edits, and some (like the first) have practically zero editing, and are just the result of the camera being awesome, not me. In fact, most of it is the camera, haha. I'm working on getting into doing all manual shooting, but mostly everything on auto. It's a darn smart piece of machinery.

In case you are interested, it's a Canon Rebel XSI. A fantastic beginner DSLR. I highly recommend it :)

I love this because I literally spent a minute editing the lighting on this slightly. No tripod needed!

Honestly not much editing was done here either. The day was so gorgeous.

My attempt at a tri-photo of wind chimes
This was a huge edit. So you can probably see a lot of the flaws if you look close. But I'm still pretty proud of it!

This was actually with no tripod. See why I love my camera!

I know most of these are just blah photos to most, but I have to just say how much fun I'm having. So I think that's all that matters. I'm just using the kit lens, too. Someday when I get better, I'll invest in a few lesser expensive lenses :). It's just nice to have something really spark my interest. This blog in general has been a great stepping stone for me to get REALLY into cooking new recipes and working on my photography. So even if only a few people read it, it's great for me. And I've found so many great sites to read and draw inspiration from. So thank you all for that :). I've already picked 2 or 3 recipes from fellow bloggers sites! Check out the links to the right of my page, they're all fantastic writers. Highly recommend them!

Thanks for watching me post my mediocre photos!


  1. It's great you're sharing these photos! We food bloggers still have the occasional moment where we're not cooking or eating food. ;) I like the water in the first one - nice sense of movement!

  2. Awh thank you!!! Haha occasionally I pull myself away from food. It doesn't happen often though! Haha, I kid. Sort of.